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Kamikaze 2 The Way Of Monk
Kamikaze 2 The Way Of Monk
There are a lot of legends about Shaolin monastery. And nobody knows which of them are true and which are false. It was very difficult to enter Shaolin and it was much more difficult to leave it. Lift the veil of ancient secrets and you'll be absorbed in the bloody madness of the mortal combat of the best fight experts of Asia. Role-play game Kamikaze 2: The Way Of Monk gives an opportunity to come into the world of legendary invincible monks, invites to a captivating and dangerous journey of the young truth-seeker across the roads of medieval Japan. A player should expect a dozen of diverse quests, a wide arsenal of armament and legions of cunning enemies. Try to undergo all trials and deserve the fame of the best warrior of the Land of Samurai.
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